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Then make insightful observations about how the poem works towards that theme.

Model Response to AP Literature Open Ended Prompt

The more unique your insights, the better. AP Literature free-response questions are different than other AP essays.

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Rather than create three points in your essay, try following the poem throughout the essay. This ensures that you cover the essay from top to bottom and do not miss any important literary concepts in the piece. This technique also makes your essay easier for the AP readers to read and score. Remember, the essay is not about the literary techniques or an interpretation of the poem.

The essay should be an analysis of why the poem is so effective in portraying a theme. Every sentence that you write about the poem should be used to convince the reader that the author is working toward a particular idea. Sometimes, you will have to cut things short for the sake of time. Oftentimes, students trying to make a great first impression will spend too much time on the introduction.

A good first impression is great, but the introduction is not the whole essay! If your introduction is poor, you can make up for it later. Conclusions are almost unnecessary. Keep them short and to the point. The AP Literature test is difficult, but not impossible, and as long as you answer the questions correctly and with insight, you will receive an excellent score. Colleges and Universities. AP will require you to work at home every day, even if there is not a specific homework assignment you should be reading and working on your Independent Assignments.

This is not a class for those who cannot manage their time. Assignments from home are to adhere strictly to MLA formatting points will be taken off if not.

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  • AP Literature Essay Prompts: The Full Guide.
  • For major papers and essays, I will make detailed comments, suggestions and revisions, and I will point out your strengths. For all Independent Assignments, you must come see me for a conference mid- way through your work. During these conferences I will provide specific, constructive feedback on your work so far.

    For other classwork grades, such as responses to study questions, vocabulary notebook, etc. For most minor assignments, you will receive a standard grade following this key:. Your final exam will be a released AP Literature Exam from a previous year. Cheating or plagiarism of any kind cannot be tolerated.


    AP English Essay Prompts: Their Types, Tips, and Examples

    At minimum, parents will immediately be notified, plagiarized work will receive no credit and there will be no opportunity to re-submit. Cheating and plagiarism are offenses warranting a Disciplinary Referral that administrators handle according to GCS school policy. Literary texts studied in the high school classroom are complex, higher-level texts which may contain mature content and themes.

    These books are selected based on their literary merit and will be studied through their historical and cultural context. Our instructional purpose is to expose students to perspectives unlike or in opposition to their own in order to analyze complex themes and to promote individual reflection and academic growth.

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      How to Write AP English Essay Prompts: Know the Challenge in Face!

      The AP Literature exam consists of two parts: multiple choice and essay: Multiple Choice 45 percent of the test : This section of the test consists of prose, dramatic passages and poems you probably will not have read or studied before. Students will practice writing timed responses with bi-weekly in class writing prompts. Students will pay special attention to the writing process for all formal writing assignments. Students must conference with me for each assignment with a rough draft. Students will include new vocabulary through revisions of formal writing assignments.

      Students will have opportunities to reflect on readings through writing responses. In all your writing, you should strive to develop and increase your: 1. Organization 2. Coherence 3. Use of transitions 4. Specific detail 5.

      How to Write AP English Essay: Prompts, Tips, Examples

      Getting to the HOW of the prompt 6. Effective use of rhetoric even in poems, there is rhetoric! Your own development of voice, diction, and tone as well as recognizing and discussing that of the author 8.