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What is a Descriptive Essay and How Does it Differ from a Simple Description?

Descriptive Essay Topics. A forest A beach Your favorite food Playing a sports game A road trip Learning to drive A snowy day The birth of a child A life-changing event The future Traveling Your favorite song Your earliest memory Living in another country A major achievement A spider A beautiful house Walking down a quiet street Revisiting places from childhood What you want to be when you grow up A hobby A funny memory A paranormal experience Starting a new career A Halloween costume A day at school Sitting in traffic Meeting a famous person A concert A dance The best place to write Your favorite hangout spot Your favorite item of clothing Graduation Learning a new language Your first concert Your first kiss Your first date Performing in front of a crowd Making a speech Acting in a play An antique store A souvenir Your lucky charm Running a marathon.

Winning an award Visiting an old friend Getting lost A bad day A day in the sun Flying in an airplane An amazing view A camping trip A trip to the museum A phobia A bouquet Daydreaming A day at the ocean A picnic A race A competition Meeting someone new A daily routine A haunted house A walk through the park Waiting in line All of the emotions, thoughts, and moments that go into this experience can be used to flesh out your paper.

Making a craft brew Craft brews have come back in a big way. Connoisseurs can write pages on the beers they drink. Try your hand and see how you do.

Writing a Descriptive Essay: What You Need to Know

A bottle of wine Wines are complex and fruitful and offer a lot for a discerning imbiber to consider. Be the critic—write the descriptive essay on the meal. A film that prompted you to think deeply about something Movies can impact us on so many levels. Write a descriptive essay about a film you watched that made you really consider something important and focus on a few details that stand out in particularly. A day spent shadowing a professional Spending a day watching another person work might not sound like fun but it is actually a good way to learn on the job.

Pause a movie in the middle of a scene and describe what you see in that frame Take any movie you like and describe what the director has placed before you in any one single frame. What better way to understand how he created his hits than to analyze a scene or sequence and describe it in minute detail? The view from a skyscraper A view from a tall building can present you with a line of sight that you rarely get to have.

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Describing the city spread out below you is a great opportunity to use emotion, intellect, and all your powers of description. The view from your window Sometimes a smaller view is even better than a big one because it allows you to focus on what passes within a single frame. You might be surprised at what you find outside your window! Topics for High School Students High school is a time when young adults are on the cusp of freedom. Here are some ideas to try: Your favorite class What could be more fun than to write a description of your favorite class?

Your least favorite class Conversely, what could be more satisfying than describing your least favorite class and showing why you detest it? This is the perfect opportunity to show it. Writing a descriptive essay about a possible career is one way to help narrow the choices and get you involved in the real world. Your favorite memory as a child Memories help us navigate our lives.


65 Descriptive Essay Topics to Jumpstart Your Mind

Looking back on ones that mean a lot to us is a wholesome and healthy exercise. A trip to the ballpark Everyone remembers his first visit to a ballpark. Write about the latest movie you watched.

This works just as well! A park near your house Describe your neighborhood, the people you meet; conduct a windshield surveillance. What you do at your job Pretend someone is interested in working where you do—give the low down on what goes on. Bowling with friends Bowling alleys are great places to meet all sorts of interesting people! See the sights, take in the sounds, remember the smells, feel the blast of cool air as you dry your hands before your roll.

This is the stuff of a great descriptive essay. Flying a kite Ben Franklin did this—and he discovered electricity. You could discover electricity in your writing when you use something as pure and simple as flying a kite for your subject. Lost for a better idea? Take a look around the kitchen and see what there is. Downhill derby When you were young, you might have taken part in a downhill derby. Racing past houses to the finish line—you can see it now! This could be the hook you need to get your essay going! A great sports game Did you enjoy the Super Bowl?

See a playoff game in the NBA that you thought was special? Want to revisit an old World Series and tell someone about it?

Descriptive Essay Topics | Owlcation

Do so in your descriptive essay. A website you like to browse The Internet has taken over the world in many ways—so why not use it as your subject. Describe a site you like to get on, what you do there, and what makes it so interesting to you! A walk around the city Cities are full of great sights—the people, the towering buildings, the come and go of traffic. Your favorite room Everyone has a favorite corner or place in their house. A place you have traveled Ever been somewhere exotic? Ever been somewhere really mundane? Your experience reading a book The Internet is full of people who blog about their experiences playing video games or going to the beach.

Tell us about your experience reading a book and what it was like for you each time you turned a page, started a new chapter, or read it all in one sitting.

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  • A car you would like to own Everyone has one—that one car that would be just perfect for them. An animal that you have raised Have you ever had a dog, a cat, a gerbil, a rabbit, a horse, a bird? If you have, tell your reader all about your animal. A member of your family, a friend, or a person you admire Writing about people you know or admire is one of the best types of descriptive essays to produce.

    All you have to do is think about their best qualities, what makes them special, and then tell it. The air, the rush, the trek up hill and the ride down—all of it is fair game for a descriptive essay.

    What Is a Descriptive Essay?

    A hot, summer afternoon at the beach diving in the crashing waves Been to the beach recently? Describe it and make your reader jealous! What you see when you look in the mirror This could be an interesting subject for a descriptive essay: start off describing a person that seems like a stranger but throw a twist in at the end—surprise the reader by saying that this person is you and this is what you see when you look in the mirror!

    A painting you admire Take some time and spend it with a painting you really appreciate. Get to know it, find out the technique used to paint it, how the brushstrokes were made, the style, the era it comes from—and then describe it all in great detail so that the painting is brought to life for the reader. Flying in a plane For some, flying in a plane can be one of their most memorable experiences. The roar of the engines, the lift off the ground, the landing—all of it leaves a lasting impression.

    For those who have never flown, reading a descriptive essay on flying in a plane can be a good way to put them in the passenger seat.

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