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There are many ways to prepare yourself for the AP English essay exam. Find all of them on this page!


AP English Language and Composition Exam | The Princeton Review

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Name Please, enter your name. Do you know someone rich and famous? Is he confident, popular, and joyful all of the time—the epitome of mainstream success? Or, on the other hand, is he stressed, having second thoughts about his life choices, and unsure about the meaning of his life?

AP Literature vs. AP Language Overview

I am willing to be that it is the second one What is mankind? Who am I? What is the meaning of life?

These are multifaceted existential questions that ancient and modern philosophies have yet to adequately answer. Countless philosophers have spent their lifetimes in search of answers to these questions but died before finding a suitable answer In , by Barbara Lazear Ascher, the protagonist reveals that a life of solitude need not always be lonely. Here are 80 tone and attitude words to spruce up your essays. During the Civil War era there existed many factions seeking to dramatically change America.

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Remarkable speakers spread their ideas through oratory, thrilling their audiences through powerful speeches that appealed to both emotion and logic. Frederick Douglass, a black American, fought for black The movie explores the concept of individualism in great depth. The numerous conflicts that the characters face throughout the movie demonstrate the fundamental principles of existentialism and transcendentalism. Then, write a well-developed essay in which you explain your judgment.

Develop an argument about why something is overrated.

10 Argumentative Writing Prompts {AP English Language Q3 Format}

Use at least three sources to argue whether eminent domain is productive and beneficial. Analyze the rhetorical choices Albright makes to convince the women college graduates that they can and should persevere to make a difference. Use at least three sources to argue a position on what role public libraries should serve in the future. Analyze the rhetorical choices Boothe Luce makes to prepare the audience for her message about how American journalism can improve.

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Use at least three sources to argue a position on whether monolingual English speakers are at a disadvantage in today's society. Analyze the rhetorical choices Thatcher makes to convey that Reagan was a strong friend and leader who is worth honoring. Develop an argument that takes a position on Wilde's claims that disobedience is a positive human trait that is essential in order for society to progress.

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Use at least three sources to argue a position on how your school should interact with an honor code or honor system. Analyze the rhetorical choices Chavez makes to convey that nonviolent resistance is an effective method for change. Develop an argument that takes a position on the value or function of polite speech in a specific culture or community. Use at least three sources to argue a position on whether college is worth the cost. Analyze the rhetorical choices Adams makes to advise her son to embrace his opportunities, both in the present and in the future.

Develop an argument that takes a position on what creativity is and whether a creativity class should be created. Question PDF.

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