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Fundamentally, it reflects a combination of intent and the nature of activities involved. A children's summer camp with dining hall meals and bunkhouse accommodations may have "camp" in its name but fails to reflect the spirit and form of "camping" as it is broadly understood. Similarly, a homeless person's lifestyle may involve many common camping activities, such as sleeping out and preparing meals over a fire, but fails to reflect the elective nature and pursuit of spirit rejuvenation that are integral aspect of camping.

Likewise, cultures with itinerant lifestyles or lack of permanent dwellings cannot be said to be "camping", it is just their way of life. The history of recreational camping is often traced back to Thomas Hiram Holding , a British travelling tailor, but it was actually first popularised in the UK on the river Thames. By the s large numbers of visitors took part in the pastime, which was connected to the late Victorian craze for pleasure boating.

The early camping equipment was very heavy, so it was convenient to transport it by boat or to use craft that converted into tents. He experienced the activity in the wild from his youth, when he had spent much time with his parents traveling across the American prairies. Later he embarked on a cycling and camping tour with some friends across Ireland. In the Association of Cycle Campers opened its first own camping site, in Weybridge. In the Association was merged into the National Camping Club. Although WW1 was responsible for a certain hiatus in camping activity, the association received a new lease of life after the war when Sir Robert Baden-Powell founder of the Boy Scouts movement became its president.

The International Federation of Camping Clubs Federation Internationale de Camping et de Caravanning was founded in with national clubs from all over the world affiliating with it.

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By the s camping had become an established family holiday standard and today camp sites are ubiquitous across Europe and North America. Different types camping may be named after their form of transportation, such as with Canoe camping , car camping, RVing , and backpacking , which can involve ultralight gear.


Camping is also labeled by lifestyle: Glamping glamorous camping combines camping with the luxury and amenities of a home or hotel, [8] and has its roots are in the early s European and American safaris in Africa. Workamping allows campers to trade their labor variously for discounts on campsite fees, campground utilities, and even some degree of pay.

Campgrounds for custom harvesters in the United States may include room to park combines and other large farm equipment. Another way of describing camping is by the manner of arrangement: reservation camping vs. Campgrounds may require campers to check in with an employee or campground host prior to setting up camp, or they may allow "drop camping," where this is not required.

Drop-in campsites may be free or a drop-box may be provided to accept payments on the honor system.


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Although drop camping is often specifically allowed by law, it may also exist in a legal grey area , such as at California's Slab City. Campers span a broad range of age, ability, and ruggedness, and campsites are designed in many ways as well.

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Many campgrounds have sites with facilities such as fire rings, barbecue grills, utilities, shared bathrooms and laundry, as well as access to nearby recreational facilities, but not all campsites have similar levels of development. Campsites can range from a patch of dirt, to a level, paved pad with sewer and electricity. For more information on facilities, see the campsite and RV park articles. Other vehicles used for camping include motorcycles, touring bicycles, boats, canoes, pack animals , and even bush planes ; although backpacking on foot is a popular alternative.

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Three school buses took us to a place, or rather a roadside, that was near to the campsite. Upon arrival at our destination, we alighted from the bus and hiked through the forest to the campsite which was about metres away. As we were walking, I felt the difference between the atmosphere in the countryside and the urban area.

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The air in the countryside was much fresher and cooler. A gentle breeze blew against my face and it was so refreshing. Apart from our footsteps, all I could hear were the rustling of leaves and birds singing. Everything was so calm and peaceful. It was a wonderful feeling being so close to nature. The campsite was a clearing in the forest. There was a clear stream nearby and its rippling was audible. On the site, we were divided into 10 patrols.

Our first task was to set up camp. Our patrol leaders taught us how to pitch the tents. As we were cooperative, all the tents were soon put up. After that, we prepared lunch. Members of each patrol were supposed to make their own meals. So my fellow patrol members and I helped to cut firewood, fetch water from the stream, make a fire with a bow drill and cook a meal.

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