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Min no. Search Clear Search by Map. Showing from - List view Tile view Search By Map. View: 15 per page 30 per page 60 per page per page. Then we come along and present you with something like this fabulous home! Located on a quiet cul de sac on the edge of the very much sought after… more. On that farm was a church and here we have 9 Church Farm! Once we decide on which course to opt for, it is time to look for the colleges where that course is available. This involves a good amount of research. The school management, teachers and parents take care of everything.


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After pursuing a course, we need to decide whether we wish to pursue another degree or diploma to specialise in the field or whether it is better to start working and gain some experience before going for a course. Building career is a never ending process. We need to learn new skills and improvise continually in order to stay ahead of the competition and build a lucrative career.

Life after school is extremely challenging. One needs to take wise decisions and work hard to ensure a good life after school. Setting goals and giving your best shot to achieve them is the key to succeed in life. It is important to set goals for life after school in order to ensure it moves in a planned and systematic manner. Your goals must not be restricted to your higher studies, career and profession. It is important to set goals related to personal life too. It is important to build a career in order to ensure a good lifestyle and a comfortable life ahead.

To build a lucrative career, it is important to set both short term and long term goals and work hard to achieve them. The first step towards this is to choose a course that has a good scope in the market. Apart from this, you must also consider your interest and competence. You would not be able to excel in a stream if you are not good at it even if it has a good market value. This can be done by joining part time courses alongside your main course.

This can involve soft skills course, personality development course, courses to enhance analytical and problem solving skills or any course related to your main degree course. It is important to strike a work life balance. You will be advised to focus completely on your studies to build a lucrative career.

There will be a lot of pressure and you might want to spend most of your time learning your lessons and looking for ways to perform better than your classmates. However, you need to understand that all work and no play can make you dull. It would eventually decline your power to concentrate and may even have a negative effect on your health.

General Life as a Student in France

One of your goals should be to maintain a balance between your studies and your personal life. It is important to rejuvenate amid the hectic study schedule. This is good for the mental as well as physical health. Studying continually can lower the ability to learn. This is why it is essential to take short breaks in between. It is also necessary to exercise for an hour each day. Going out with friends every once in a while and spending quality time with family must also be on your list. Goals have the power to streamline things. However, your goals and schedule prepared to achieve the same must not be too stringent.

It should be workable and you must work with all your heart to achieve the same. Life after school is an important phase. There is a lot of learning that one goes through during this time. Our true personality comes out once we are out of school as we are no longer guided and checked at every step unlike the school days. Our parents give us a chance to take decisions independently and this helps us learn and experience many new things. It has its own set of challenges.

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With the growing competition and vast amount of syllabus in the higher classes, there is no room for pursuing hobbies. The schedule is strict. Half the day of the school going students is spent in the school. Several things such as self study sessions, coaching classes and preparation for entrance exams needs to be accommodated in the second half. School going students need to indulge in numerous activities that are lined up back to back.

Life after school can offer some respite. Before they join a course or even as they seek admission in college, they can pursue their hobbies. They may join a hobby class or learn it online by spending an hour or two. The constant study pressure and strict schedule deprives the students from attending family functions, spending time with relatives and going on trips with friends. They helped raise the standard of living of the people living under them. Besides, the chapters included in the syllabus I try to look for books on different events that took place in the history to learn and explore more about the same.

I have read in depth about how the British invaded our country and the way they began ruling it. These real life stories are far more intriguing than any of the works of fiction. Another topic that I find interesting in this subject is the position of women in different eras and various dynasties. Women had to face a lot of injustice in the past. They were mostly confined to the household tasks and were not allowed to work outside. Their whole and sole duty was to serve their family by carrying out the household chores. They did not have the right to question or go against the will of the man of the house.

Another disturbing fact was that the kings were allowed to marry as many times as they wanted and be in a relationship with all their wives simultaneously while queens were expected to be true to their husbands. It shows that we have come a long way since that time when it comes to gender equality. I have always been fascinated by historical facts and monuments. Not just the Indian history, I love reading about the history of various countries.

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