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When our minds wander to these places, the three terms -- ethics, morals and values -- tend to get a bit murky. As a society, we tend to interchange the three. So, what's the difference between ethics, morals, and values? The difference is slight but it's there. Understanding the difference between the three will help you delve into your next novel with a greater understanding of each character. Let's start with values. Values are the foundation of a person's ability to judge between right and wrong.

Values include a deep-rooted system of beliefs.

The origins of ethics

They have intrinsic worth, but are not universally accepted. This system allows each individual to determine what should and shouldn't be. For example, if someone's value system is founded upon honesty, they would probably make a proper judgment between cheating on a college entrance exam wrong and studying hard to ace a college entrance exam right.

Conversely, if someone valued achievement and success over honesty, that person may opt to cheat on the exam in order to achieve the desired result. This relates to which value is "worth more" to the individual.

Values in my Life Powerpoint Presentation

These fundamental beliefs are the barometer that go on to guide a person's decisions. Values don't necessarily need to be "system wide" in a group of people. Rather, they tend to be a personal, individual foundation that influences a particular person's behavior. Next, we have morals , which are formed out of values. They're the actual system of beliefs that emerge out of a person's core values. Morals are specific and context-driven rules that govern a person's behavior. Because this system of beliefs is individually tailored to a person's life experience, it's subject to opinion.

Be careful with the terminology in this category. Sometimes, the words " amoral " and " immoral " are interchanged. However, they're quite different. If someone is amoral, they have no sense of right and wrong. They don't have the foundation that comes with a sound set of values. Examples of this type of value include safety which is needed before people can even thinkabout having anything else , Justice which isneeded before we can move onto equality , or thecommon good which must be honored if we can 8ever get to a state of peace.

Morals and Values: Understanding the Similarities and Differences

Paramount Values: It is the value which isabove all other things. For example, freedom which many people havegiven up their lives for and see as essential to adecent life.

Operative Values: These types of values arethe ways that we make judgments on how to livethe rest of our lives. We use these values as theoverarching and guiding principles which tell uswhat is always right and wrong. For example, Integrity, Honesty, and Loyalty. Other many sources of Values. Sources of Moral Values.

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Here we discuss the following; Religion. ReligionReligion is the greatest source ofvalues. Religion also teaches us how tobehave and acts as a unconsciouspolicing action. For example, Sikhism religionteachesthat they should cover their headbefore praying to whom theyworship and not eating meat.

ScienceAn another source of values. For example, it is scientifically proven thatworking yourself too hard can lead tohealth problems. Thus, science helps usrealize that there are better ways to liveand thrive in our environment. For example, its good to give place toelder one. LawLaws are rules of conduct, approvedby legislatures that guide humanbehavior in any society. But lawscannot cover all ethical expectationsof society.

For example, law forbids snatching. We all protect our lifebecause we care for it more than anythingelse. If life is so important, the values of lifeare even more important.

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  4. Values are guidingprinciples, or standards of behavior which areregarded desirable, important and held inhigh esteem by a particular society in which16 a They are what we hope to model for our children and the children around us, because children do watch us as they develop their own sense of right and wrong.

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    An example of a business value is: "Customer Satisfaction. For example, Merck, the pharmaceutical company became so successful in its field because the company was so dedicated to the value of "high quality and purity of its drug products". Level of importance. What it does? Constrains Motivates. In short, it is a discipline that identifies good or evil, just or unjust, fair or unfair practices, about moral duty. It is well-based standards that a person should do, concerning rights, obligations, fairness, benefits to society and so on. The standard puts a reasonable obligation to stop crime like stealing, assault, rape, murder, fraud and so on.


    Values: Definition, Characteristics, Importance, Types of Values

    The system addresses the questions of the human morality, such as What should be a standard way for people to live? What should be an ideal human conduct? Under Ethics there are four important subject areas of study:.

    Moral Values In Life Ppt

    Values refer to the important and enduring beliefs or principles, based on which an individual makes judgements in life. They severely affect the emotional state of mind of an individual. Values are forces that cause an individual to behave in a particular manner. It sets our priorities in life, i. It reflects what is more important for us. So, if we are true to our values and make our choices accordingly, then the way we live to express our core values.