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"Return of the Native" as a Tragic Novel

Return of the Native marks itself as no exception to this rule; the inanimate antagonist, Egdon Heath, maintains a dou And she seemed to long for the abstraction called passionate love more than for any particular lover. Return of the Native. Download the Study Pack.

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by Thomas Hardy

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The heath takes on the role of a static influence on the characters' relationships and circumstances, demonstrating the unchanging nature of human experience through its own seasonal shifts, but still unaltered essence of tragedy Strong Essays words 3. Some scenes are so descriptive that a very clear mental picture can be formed by the reader, causing a distinct sense of place.

It seems that through his words, Hardy is submerging the readers into his story letting us take part only as an onlooker. It is at the beginning that the strongest mood, the heaviest atmosphere and the most obvious sense of place occurs, as once the scene is set and the characters are introduced, scenery is much repeated He accomplished many things and wrote a lot of books, poems, and novels. Most of his stories were not really similar to the plot of his life, but his writing career lasted about fifty years long maybe more. At first publishers rejected some of his very first novels and poetry, but even though this occurred he kept doing what he did best and that was to write It is part of Hardy's Wessex Novel and takes place in Edgon Heath which is an area rife with witchcraft and superstitions.

However, they all have different physical appearances and personality traits which causes other characters in the novel to react to them differently.

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Free Essays words 1. The main stance of naturalism thus was to see man as a biological creature, an essentially natural product, made of impulses and instincts.

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All this projected the spiritual nature of man on a second place. Thus, the main effects that Hardy studies in human nature, are those of change and of the influences of the environment. An environment which would have made a contented woman a poet, a suffering woman a devotee, a pious woman a psalmist, even a giddy woman thoughtful, made a rebellious woman saturnine. Thus, the continuous changing of human nature is caused by the other natural facts.

Man is thus viewed as merely a part of the natural whole, subject to change and to the will of nature, like any other species.

The Return of the Native

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