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Since , Christian Legal Society student chapters have frequently been denied access to meeting space and campus communications because it requires its voting members and leaders to share its Statement of Faith. Other campus ministries—InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Christian Medical and Dental Association, Campus Crusade for Christ, Rejoyce in Jesus Ministries, Beta Upsilon Chi, and others—have also been denied recognition simply because they exercised their First Amendment rights of expressive association and free speech to require their leaders to share their core religious beliefs.

A particularly egregious example occurred in at Washburn Law School when a student filed religious discrimination charges against CLS because it would not let him lead its Bible study. A tolerant group of students, the Washburn CLS chapter nonetheless allowed the student to be a guest speaker at one meeting. Law school officials investigated the complaint and derecognized CLS for telling a student of a different faith that he could not lead CLS's Bible study.

Eventually, CLS was forced to resort to a lawsuit to regain its recognition. In , the University of Minnesota Law School threatened the CLS chapter with denial of recognition because it required its voting members and officers to subscribe to its statement of faith. Michael S. Davis l. Although it relented in response to a letter from a faculty member, the university subsequently denied another religious group recognition because it refused to state in its constitution that its membership was open to all students regardless of religion or sexual orientation.

Maranatha Christian Fellowship v. Regents of the Bd. Even a law school that had a nondiscrimination policy that specifically exempted religious groups insisted that a CLS chapter pledge not discriminate on the basis of religion. After suit was filed, the University of Toledo Law School reaffirmed its religious exemption and agreed that religious groups could cite to the Bible in their constitutions. Johnson, No. Ohio Jun. In Christian Legal Society v. Eck, F.

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Often CLS and other campus religious groups are denied access solely because they have faith requirements for their leaders. Recognition was eventually restored due to.

UC Davis CLS Graduation Spring 2013

Walker, F. There are many pieces to every application, including your GPA, standardized test score, personal statement, list of experiences, letters of recommendation, and biographical information. Some health professions schools review applications holistically, while others rely on metrics to determine eligibility. The best way to prepare is to develop ALL of the pieces in an application, including yourself. Your personal attributes will play a big role in your success.

The best advice is to stay involved in the advising process. The Health Professions Advising office is here to support you on your journey, but we can only do so much. You must show up to learn about important topics and concepts, all designed for your future success. Each health profession has its own unique set of prerequisites that every student must satisfy in order to be admitted to a school.

Use the Prerequisite Advising Sheets in the right column to identify required courses for various schools for your health profession. Subreddit Community Guidelines. Anything that relates to laboratory science is welcome here. Feel free to ask questions, post interesting finds, or network. Just please make sure to follow the rules below.

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Be nice. Anonymity has a neutralizing effect on the politeness of comments. Personal attacks are not acceptable nor appropriate for a professional discussion. It is completely fine and expected for people to disagree, but discussions should be kept civil or taken to PMs. Persistently being derogatory or degrading towards others is not appropriate and will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Be respectful; that people will have opinions that differ from yours. I know it's in the middle of interview season but I have some free time at the moment!

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I attend school in California. Some schools take 30 students max. School experience research is okay, but they want to see that you know how to work as team player in a clinical setting.

Most people in my applicant pool were in their late 20s and have years and years of experience and strong letters of rec on top of that! Speaking of which I had two letters from previous employers and one from a professor who I also worked for! Do not just list your classes! Your personal statement should reflect your personality and basically what you can bring to the program.

Good questions to ask yourself is: what have I done so far? What soft skills have I been able to develop? Why do I want to do this? So yes, get the minimum GPA to apply, but also do really well in your prereqs. I re-took two classes while working full time. Many biotech companies offer education reimbursement, so take advantage of that! It helps having someone from a science and non science background look it over.

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Fresh eyes, fresh insights! So, you've made it to interviews Smile, appear relaxed, be conversational. Don't just respond with one-liners. Draw from your previous experiences to answer questions. The first interview is what sets you apart from the other candidates, so make a positive impression! Is there a particular state that is known for high acceptance rates? Basically any sate.

Most cls programs are desperate for students. Many are on thr verge of getting axed roughly half the programs since have closed. Including room and board I'll have spent around 40k on school I'm in state though after graduating which is much much cheaper than what you will pay at a school in cali. One harsh thing about Reno is the snow, but it's not that bad really.